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Will Trump "Win" The First GOP Debate On Thursday?

Forecast didn't come true
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Trump made waves sure, but I wouldn't call him the winner, especially not after his comments [during a CNN interview] regarding one of the moderators being on her period as justification for why she asked him "tough" questions [which he considered an attack on his massive ego] that were completely reasonable for someone trying to become president of the largest economy in the world. Donald Trump lived up to expectations and continues to make the 2016 race far more interesting, regardless of his vague policy positions, but it seems that his recent attacks are starting to alienate him from his few remaining allies. Carly Fiorina was the real standout, even though she participated in the earlier "Happy Hour" debate, and received high praise from many political pundits. She may even generate enough momentum [via rising poll numbers] to get a seat in the main debate that will be hosted in September.

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