Rules for creating Forecasts in the social trader network WhoTrades

1.General notions

Market forecast (hereinafter referred to as the Forecast) is a probabilistic opinion about the state of a market instrument, financial institution, company, as well as economic or corporate event in future, based on technical or fundamental analysis.

2. Requirements for the Forecast on WhoTrades

2.1. The Forecast shall be written only on financial topics.

2.2. The Forecast shall not contain Прогноз не должен содержать contradictory assertions.

2.3. Title of the Forecast shall reflect its essence and shall be written in the form of a statement.

2.4. The Forecast shall directly express date and time of its expiration.

2.5. The Forecast shall contain information about a specific instrument, direction of its movement and/or exact level at the date and time of the Forecast expiration, i.e. the forecast shall express сформулировано clear and precise description of the event without ambiguity.

2.6. The Forecast shall be of the author’s origin (copying of the Forecast written by other users of WhoTrades is prohibited).

2.7. Author of the Forecast undertakes to give the right answer to his/her Forecast.

2.8. The number of Forecasts written by the author per day shall not exceed 5 Forecasts.

Should the author fail to comply with the aforementioned requirements, moderato of WhoTrades shall ban the Forecast. In case of systematic creation of incorrect forecasts (5 Forecasts), the author shall be banned in the trader social network WhoTrades.

3. Recommendations for creating the Forecast

3.1. When creating a forecast, it is recommended to set a period from several hours to 1 week.

3.2. Title shall be written in the form, which gives an opportunity to agree or disagree with it.

3.3. Since the forecast should be associated with an instrument, it is advisable to use live chart in it. If the forecast is not associated with an instrument, it is recommended to use an image.

Appropriate titles:

i. The Fed will hike rates on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ii. On Friday, April 24, 2015 at 18:00 GMT+4 CNY will touch the level of 61.

Inappropriate titles:

i. Gazprom halved revenues for Q1 2015. – Event is completed, it is impossible to agree with it.

ii. What should one expect from the Russian currency in anticipation of new sanctions? – period isn’t specified, it is impossible to agree or disagree with the title.

4.Possible topics for the Forecast

4.1. Forecast with live instrument chart based on technical indicators.

4.2. Forecast based on corporate events.

4.3. Forecast based on economic calendar.

4.4. Forecast on instruments based on topical political events.