Commission plans

Commission plans Rate
«Investor» commission plan EUR 4.00 + 0.19%
«Trader» commission plan (over 25 trades per month) EUR 4.00 + 0.09%

Commission plan for transactions with bonds: EUR 4.00 + 0.25%.

Lower commission fees are applicable only to transactions made after the commission plan was switched. Commission plan is switched at client’s request.

Trading platform fees (monthly)

Cost of the TRANSAQ platform with Level II quotes:

  • EUR 10.00 per month for individuals
  • EUR 60.00 per month for professional market participants

Margin trading (Leverage):

  • 1:4 within a trading session
  • 1:2 when positions are carried overnight

Rates charged for the use of borrowed funds and securities:

Long positions Free
Short positions naked short sales are banned by German regulator
Long positions 9%
Short positions naked short sales are banned by German regulator

Alternative ways for implementing «bearish» strategies (ETF short, put warrants, etc.) are not regarded as short positions and do not incur the EUR 50.00 charge. The list of securities available for margin trading includes all blue chips (DAX, MDAX , TecDAX and Euro Stoxx 50), and may be expanded per client’s request.

Other Costs

  • Open or close an account: free of charge
  • Custody services: free of charge
  • Clearing services: free of charge
  • Securities transfer: upon request, max. EUR 200
  • Taxes: in Germany, dividends and mutual fund payments are taxable at the rate of 26.375%