Who is WhoTrades

About the company

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Social Network

WhoTrades is the first social network for traders, uniting people from all over the world, who are interested in trading on international financial markets. With WhoTrades, you can chat with your friends, find new traders with whom you can discuss market strategies and search for professional traders for advice or trading tips.

In order to provide quality trading alternatives to our users in US, we work closely with WhoTrades, Inc. and WhoTrades FX, LLC, separate, but affiliated companies. To read about their trading services, tools and other resources, click here.

Contact information

Please send all of your questions to info@whotrades.com


How can I find friends?

Invite your friends from Facebook
Use your current email account to find friends

Or manually search for people that you know

What can I do with my profile?
  • Upload/comment on photos
  • Post and manage your blogs/read and comment on other people's blogs
  • Make wall posts
  • Share your trading performance
How can I make my profile more popular?

Be active on the site to get points and achievements!

Hint: The more points you receive, the higher you will be in the overall WhoTrades rating.