Chain FX allows you to automatically follow the currencies and/or commodities trading operations of real traders. You do not need to open a brokerage account in order to use the Chain Traiding service, but you must open an Chain FX account in order to use this service.


To open a Chain FX account, please read through this page and state that you agree to the Terms of Use by clicking on confirm at the bottom of this page. Then, please fill in your personal information in the profile page on

Please note: Providing untrue information in the profile page may cause difficulties in subsequently withdrawing your funds from the Chain FX account.

Once these steps are completed, an Chain FX account with WhoTrades Ltd Seychelles will be opened for you.

You can fund your account using any of the methods listed on the right:


Trade leaders are the traders whose activities your account will be following. You may choose to follow up to 10 trade leaders at a time. On the selection page, you can sort the trader leaders of your choice by profitability or by popularity. You may connect to or disconnect from any trade leader at anytime.


As you select trade leaders, you can calculate the potential yield for a given leader using the try button. This calculation will be based upon the given trader leader’s performance during a given period of time.

For example, to the right you will see a yield calculation based on a trade leader’s performance ten days ago. If you were to fund $500 in an Chain FX account and follow this trade leader ten days ago, you would have earned a yield of 65.18%.

Please note: We recommend that you use strategies with moderate potential yields in order to minimize your risk.


At the top of your Chain FX page, you will find your basic account information:

Strategies: Lists the Auto-Following strategies that are available to you.

Subscriptions: Lists the number of Trade Leaders to whom you are connected. (The maximum number is 10.)

History: Displays your history of connections and cash flow

Account: Displays your current account balance and the net results of your active connections. The profit or loss calculation is the trade leader’s result transferred to your Chain FX account (as a percentage). Your current balance will change only if funds are deposited or withdrawn from your account, or if you disable one or more of your Trade Leader connections.


Equity: displays the total equity for your Chain FX account, considering all profits/losses:

Up to 10 simultaneous connections are supported. Connection and disconnection are possible at any time upon your request.


You may be disconnected from a Trade Leader for any of the following reasons:

  1. At your request
  2. At the request of the Trade Leader
  3. Your equity reached a maximum allowable value

Please note: If a deposit/withdrawal occurs in the Trade Leader’s account, the connection to you Chain FX account will be maintained with no loss to you.


Commission is set at 10% by default. The Trade Leader can change the commission rate, but only following your disconnection from a strategy; commission rate will not change while you are connected to a Trade Leader. Commission is charged only in the case that your profit is equal to the value specified in the commission field. In the event of loss, no commission is charged.


Done at your request (Withdrawal button)


In order to use ChainFX service, you need to be 18 or older


Speculative risk

When using Chain FX account, you are following the activity of real traders that may use marginal instruments such as currency pairs, derivatives, commodities, etc. in their trading activities. Thus, profit or loss on a Trade Leader’s and Auto-Follower’s account may vary greatly.

Online trading risk

In online trade activity, risks such as equipment, software, or internet connection failure are involved. WhoTrades Ltd. does not assume control over users’ signal power, internet connection reliability, hardware configuration, and so forth. Thus, WhoTrades Ltd. does not assume responsibility for communication failures or delays in transmission of signals over the internet. However, WhoTrades Ltd. does utilize a backup system to minimize the chances of system failure.

Using the web-site

WhoTrades Ltd. will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from access, or lack of access, to the website, for any person or entity. This limitation includes possible damage caused by viruses, malware, and/or any malicious computer coding.