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UPS Reported Second Quarter Profits Were Down 4%

UPS (NYSE: UPS) reported its second quarter profits were down 4% this morning due to customers choosing to move from premium services to lower-priced shipped services, along with new cheaper carrier services flooding the market, and a weak U.S. industrial economy. 

UPS said that it earned $1.07 billion which translates to $1.13 per share, down from $1.12 billion, or $1.15 per share from last years report. 

What Can Brown Do For Itself?

I don't know where UPS will go from here but I can see them finding ways to cut costs because I don't see people forking over more money so they can get their Jordan's delivered faster when times are still this hard for some many....


Maybe they change their uniform and hire more people like this young lady cause then even I will be rush delivering stuff to the house.