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5 Feisty Financial Dividend Dogs Dish 29% To 38% February Upsides

Actionable Conclusions: (1), Pennantpark Investment Corp. at 38.24% & (2) Altisource Residential Corporation at 34.91% Led February Financial Dog Upsides

Bearish exuberance to end 2014 drove basic materials and financial sector prices disagreeably lower in a bearish daze!

Two early February upside leader dogs again emerged from outside of the top ten as determined by yield. The twelfth and fourteenth dogs by yield, Pennantpark Investment Corp (PNNT), and Altisource Residential Corporation (RESI), were tops by analyst projected upside. Third best upside was claimed by one of five of the top ten upsiders by yield, ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc. (ARR).

Yield (dividend / price) results from here verified by Yahoo Finance for monthly dividend paying Small, Mid, & Large cap Financial stocks as of market closing prices February 4 were augmented by analyst 1-yr target projections to reveal six actionable conclusions discussed above and continued below. Small… Read More …