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AT&T to Pay $40 Million for Misreading a Document

AT&T (NYSE: T) will need to pay a $40 million fee, according to Yahoo Finance, because the company’s lawyers did not properly read the stipulations on a court document.

The company was originally in court for illegally tracking mobile streaming information against Two-Way Media LLC, Yahoo Finance reported. The company missed the deadline to appeal for $27.5 million plus interest, resulting in the fine of a changed docket entry, which AT&T did not notice.

Yahoo Finance commenter D said:

“The real news here is that this is a win for the patent troll and a loss for everyone else including the original patent holder and the consumers and American jobs. Since Clinton turned the Patent Office into a money making machine in the 90's rubber stamping anything and everything, there has been a triple increase in Patent suits by trolls (and we all know lawyers need more jobs so their lawyers friends in DC did just that). It has caused numerous businesses to relocate to Canada and other countries to avoid frivolous patent infringements as those countries will not allow many of those same troll nurturing patents. You reap what you sow.”

Yahoo Finance commenter Nate said:

“While that may be legal malpractice, it still isn't definitive that AT&T would get the verdict overturned or reduced. Sounds like they need to pay what they were supposed to pay per the judicial proceeding instead of fight it for the next 10 years to the detriment of the injured plaintiff. Bwhahahahahaha”