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Weatherford Is Heading Even Lower; Two Other Oil Stocks to Buy Instead

It bears repeating: Successful long-term investing involves not just picking winners, but learning to avoid those dangerous stocks that can take a big bite out of your returns.

When a well-known company plunges, some investors are tempted to pick up the shares, reasoning that it must be due for a rebound. Sometimes you can make money this way, but you have to look hard at the fundamentals. In many cases, the company has not yet hit bottom.

A few readers have inquired about Weatherford International (WFT) , which we put on this dangerous stocks list a while back. The warnings were correct: Weatherford fell more than 30% last week after a particularly abysmal earnings report.

Sorry, but it's too soon to say Weatherford has turned the corner. If you own any shares, you should sell before they fall even more.

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