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Cigna's shares will reach $142 by 07.11.2015
11 june 2015

Cigna (CI), a major US insurer, recently held an investor meeting at which it outlined the following growth drivers:

- The company continues to deliver double-digit growth. According to the recently released report for 1Q15, revenue increased by 11% y-o-y to USD 9.5 bn, outpacing the consensus of USD 9.1 bn, amid improved results in all divisions. Global Health Care, where revenues jumped 12.3% to USD 6.7 bn, became a growth driver. Revenues from insurance premiums in the Global Supplemental Benefits and Global Disability segments rose 8.1% and 6.6%, respectively.The number of participants in Cigna health insurance programs increased from 14.2 mn in the same period last year to 14.7 mn in the reporting quarter. AdjustedEPSamountedtoUSD 1.85.

- The company generates a significant cash flow, allowing it to buy back its own shares. Cash and short-term investments on accounts of Cigna amounted to USD 1.3 bn at the end of March against USD 400 mn at the end of December. The company bought back 3.2 mn shares from February 5 through April 29, 2015 and spent about USD 400 mn for this purpose.

Strong results in Q1 allowed Cigna’s management to upgrade forecasts for 2015. EPS was revised up from USD 8.0-8.4 to USD 8.15-8.50. The number of participants of health insurance programs is expected to increase by 2-4% (vs. previous forecast of a 1-3% growth). Revenuewillbeup 8-10%.

We are upbeat about the company’s future prospects. We believe that Cigna will continue to improve its financial performance, which along with ongoing buyback, will boost the company’s shares. We left the target price for the name unchanged at USD 145 and confirm a Buy recommendation in the mid-term. The short-term technical target is USD 142.

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Cigna's shares will reach $142 by 07.11.2015

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