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Donald Sterling Threatens to Sue the NBA

The owner of the NBA team LA Clippers, Donald Sterling is firing up the litigation engine. He is reportedly NOT paying the already overdue $2.5 mil fine, rejecting the life-time ban, and threatening to sue the NBA - mainly based on anti-trust laws - if the league tries to force him to sell the team.

A few days ago, we saw an apologetic Sterling, or at least an attempt to do so during an interview with Anderson Cooper. Now, this former attorney turned business magnate is going to war, and I would say probably because he knows his "apology" is not working to save his image anyway and there is nothing left to do use the letter of the law. 

Mr. Sterling is at a fork on the road. 

1) Take the punishment. Be disgraced for a while. Apologize sincerely but only after introspection and self-realization. His name might still be tainted, but he will afford himself a chance to apologize and actually change as a person.

2) Fight the punishment. There is no going back from here. If he thought the media was nasty and making him look racist, a litigation will not help because now he has no room for apology. You can't sincerely say sorry and fight the punishment the way he is going about it.

He has chosen the latter, and its understandable at his age (80). There is probably not much hope for him to save his image now.