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Bipolar Trading In Precious Metals: Divergences Create Opportunity

Gold and silver started 2015 with a bang - both rallied even as the U.S. dollar continued its march higher. However, recently both have come back down to earth. While both precious metals are still higher on the year, the prospects are not looking as bright over the past trading sessions. Mania for gold and silver is synonymous with fear these days, and when that subsides, depression takes over and prices slip.

The dollar and gold: Best friends one day... Enemies the next

Last week, gold moved lower; the yellow metal experienced its worst week in 2015. Gold fell $45.20 on the week, closing on February 6 at $1233.30. Meanwhile, the dollar index, which fell for the better part of the week, staged a big recovery on Friday, closing at 94.851, only marginally lower for the week. Both gold and the dollar have moved higher thus far in 2015, and… Read More …