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Lands' End Can't Shake Free From Sears

Latest news shows Lands' End spinning off from Sears Holdings Corp. However, it is nor fairing too well its its own public company. Their shares dropped just about 10% today and was recently down 7.5%, reaching $29.30%. Sears on the other hand went up 1.4%, reaching $42.24 this past Friday. Sears CEO Eddie Lampert is still their largest shareholder, with 48% ownership of Lands' End and Sears.

Lands' End warned that it's business can easily be influenced by traffic as well as Sear's customer service. Representing $232 million (15% of all sales), they generate around 83% of their revenue from online sales as well as catalogs. Many analysts agree that Lampert's stake in the company is holding them back and that they have the potential to perform better without Sears. It is their aim now to become free of Sears and simply pay rent to Sears to operate their in-store boutiques.