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80% Of Tesla Shares Are Borrowed By Short Sellers

It looks like short sellers aren't planning on giving Tesla Motors Inc  a break for now, especially as the stock continues in its upward trajectory. For several weeks, the shares have made it to Astec Analytics’ hot stocks list, which includes the firm’s top picks from a securities lending perspective.

This week’s top pick was none other than Tesla, which gained another 2 percent over last week.

Up until the last week of March, borrow volumes had been on the rise as well, hitting a 12-month high on February 23. However, with the run-up started after the stock hit its 12-month low on February 10, “short interest has lost its momentum,” FIS noted. Since the March peak, borrow volumes have been tumbling and, with a diminishing pressure on the supply, borrowing costs also fell.

“While the signs are positive, even with the recent falls in short positions, more than 80 percent of the available shares remain borrowed by the short side of the market, who will gain only if the share price falls once again,” Astec analysts concluded.

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