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281 ETFs With Expense Ratios Less Than (Or Equal To) 0.20%

When looking into ETFs, I believe the first thing one should heed attention to is the expense ratio. There is a certain expense associated with pooling assets into a fund and this cost will be passed off to clients (plus a bit more so they can make money).

Nonetheless, with the competition in the industry, costs have markedly gone down. Some funds – particularly the most in-demand (i.e., S&P 500 funds) – have expense ratios as low as 0.03%-0.04%.

Now in certain cases, there can be some justification for higher fees. For example, leveraged funds will almost always be more expensive given there is a cost associated with the leverage in the first place. Some are actively managed, so there is expense related to paying the manager, commissions fees (more trading means higher costs), and perhaps any financing used in the fund to juice yields.

Generally speaking, in the fund management scene across the spectrum – from 0.04% ETFs to “2/20 funds” – expenses are not generally correlated with value largely due to the overgrowth in the industry. Excessive expenses merely eat into returns.

Below is a list, ranked in alphabetical order by ticker symbol, of 281 ETFs where expense ratios are 0.20% or lower.

Note that I can't guarantee that all these are correct, as these are taken from a database and I haven't independently verified each. Costs occasionally fluctuate and funds are often discontinued if there is a lack of investor interest and the asset manager isn't producing a profit from them. If there are others that are not included on the list – or simply well-constructed funds more generically – please feel free to post them below.