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North Korea claims successful test firing of an ICBM

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A South Korean soldier watches a television news showing file footage of a North Korean missile launch on Tuesday.

North Korea said it successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, claiming a major advance in its attempt to threaten the U.S. with a nuclear-tipped weapon. The announcement was made on North Korean state television on Tuesday afternoon in the early hours of Independence Day in the U.S. The missile, identified as the Hwasong-14, was launched at a steep trajectory and flew 933 kilometers, reaching an altitude of 2,802 kilometers, state TV said. The numbers are in line with analyses from U.S., South Korean and Japanese military authorities. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said earlier this year that the country was close to test-launching an ICBM. U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter a day later: “It won’t happen!”