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This High Dividend Stock Yields 7%, And Has 6 Straight Dividend Hikes And Insider Buying

In the wake of oil's crash and subsequent dividend cuts by energy-related dividend paying stocks, our recent articles have profiled many stocks from other sectors.

However, this week we've returned to our old stomping grounds, the much-unloved Energy patch. This article will profile a stock, Hi-Crush Partners LP, (HCLP), which, unlike many energy-related companies, is actually increasing its distributions, which are well-covered, thanks to steady demand for its premium sand product, and long-term contracts. HCLP also enjoys regulatory and environmental moats, low cost production, and logistical advantages.

Dividends/Distributions: You can follow HCLP in the Basic Materials section of our High Dividend Stocks By Sectors Tables.

HCLP just made its sixth consecutive distribution hike, to $.675, from the previous $.625, and paid out $2.40 for 2014, making good on its promise to deliver $2.30 to $2.50 in distributions in 2014.

HCLP has exceeded its target 1.20x distribution coverage, averaging a… Read More …