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American Express Replacing McDonald's in Most Shorted Dow Stock!

In the new rank based on the most recent short interest data from NASDAQ, American Express Co. (NASDAQ:AXP)  has taken over the position of #27 most shorted Dow component, from McDonald's Corp (NASDAQ:MCD) which is now in the #28 spot. The "days to cover" at 03/13/2015 was 1.80 for AXP, and 1.78 for MCD , this compares to the average across all Dow components of 3.64. The chart below shows the movement over time of the "days to cover" values of both AXP and MCD, versus the average Dow component.

Below is a chart showing the relative positions of AXP versus MCD over time within the 30 Dow components, with #1 representing the component with the highest "days to cover" value (most heavily shorted) and #30 representing the component with the lowest "days to cover" value (least heavily shorted):