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Week Ahead Economic Overview

Besides the ongoing Greek debt negotiations, the highlights of a busy week for economic data watchers are a first estimate of fourth quarter GDP numbers for the eurozone and the publication of the Bank of England's Inflation Report. Retail sales numbers are the highlight in the US.

PMI data signalled that the eurozone economy ended 2014 with its worst quarter for over a year, suggesting GDP rose a mere 0.1%. However, the survey data have also signalled a pick-up of economic growth in January, with the PMI reaching a six-month high. The move to full-scale quantitative easing by the ECB should potentially help drive even stronger growth in coming months, but all eyes will remain firmly focused on how the Greek debt crisis plays out.

Eurozone GDP and the PMI

Sterling traders will also be eagerly anticipating the Bank of England's first Inflation Report for 2015. Mark Carney and… Read More …