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Burger King Proposes Settling McDonald's Beef With "McWhopper"

We’re hyperventilating just writing about this.

The McWhopper. Surely we’ve all pondered the idea between a rip or two, but we thought we’d never see the day. Like the great rivalries of our time – Magic and Bird, Pepsi and Coke, etc. – McDonalds and Burger King have, rhetorically and physically, always stood as the definitively polar tastes. That could all change on September 21 as Burger King has taken to the papers – literally taking out full-page advertisements in The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune – to propose McDonald’s in a one-day collaboration.

The proposal is anchored by the “McWhopper,” which is exactly what you think it is: a 12-part amalgamation of each restaurant’s flagship, best-selling burgers. Alongside this, Burger King proposed one restaurant operated by employees from both chains, donning custom co-branded uniforms – which would likely be planted in a parking lot between a McDonald’s and Burger King in Atlanta (the midpoint city between both corporations’ headquarters). All this comes in promotion of the United Nations’ Peace Day on September 21, which was established in 1981 as an international day of ceasefire and cooperation. What do you think of this proposal? Head over to Burger King’s mini-site for the full proposal and be sure to leave your thoughts on whose fries you’d prefer in the comments below.