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After the Kodak Moment: How an Iconic Photography Giant Is Trying to Reinvent Itself

In a video by Colin Archdeacon and John Woo, The New York Times has published an in-depth article depicting the journey of influential technology company Kodak as they attempt to turn their fortunes around after filing for bankruptcy in 2012. Despite experiencing some triumphs since its downfall, it is clear that Kodak may never reclaim the same prominence it held in the 20th century when it had a 90% market share in photographic film sales across America. Once a household name best known for its yellow box and everyday application, much like that of Apple in today, Kodak’s downfall has been attributed to a simple unknowing – having had some of the world’s best technology and scientists at hand, the problem very much fell when they failed to implement such advancements and move with the times.

Having dropped an astonishing $17 billion USD in annual sales with much of its current revenue coming from legacy businesses, it is unclear whether the company’s future is to remain serving niche film markets, producing printing equipment and selling on priceless patents. Head on over to The New York Times to read the full article and let us know what you think.