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16-year-old made $43,000 on these stocks in 3 years

Tesla's Model 3 is an electric car for the masses

Sudarshan Sridharan may not have been old enough to drive a Tesla, but that didn't stop him from profiting on the stock.

Unlike most 16-year-olds, Sridharan manages about a quarter of a million dollars of his parents' retirement money. It might seem like an extremely risky retirement strategy and hardly anyone would advise giving a teenager that much financial control, but Sridharan's parents leaned on some early success.

The Charlotte, North Carolina high school student's stock picks have scored more than $43,000 in gains since mid-2013. Sridharan's bet on Tesla (TSLA) alone turned into a $17,000 gain, according to financial documents shared by the family. That's on top of $14,600 in winnings off Google (GOOGL, Tech30) stock and $5,600 on Netflix (NFLX, Tech30). All the trades were conducted in an investment account in his parents' name.

Sridharan's fascination with the stock market started when he was in elementary school and he followed the Great Recession on the radio with his dad.

"My dad told me to listen to Marketplace on NPR. And he brought investing books home for me. That's how I got interested," Sridharan said.

By the time Sridharan was 12, he started seriously pitching his parents on his stock ideas. They were understandably reluctant about letting him invest. But he didn't take no for an answer and created...