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CL1!: Crude Expected Target Hit, Are We To Continue? #Oil

CL1!: Crude Expected Target Hit, Are We To Continue? #Oil

Crude Oil WTI NYMEX:CL1!


Anyone who follows my ideas strongly will know I track Oil like a hawk, and have been in a short position since the 4th of November. We have now hit expected 3 wave target, and a psychological 10 handle level.

What is to happen now? Well, that is hard to determine at this time. I'm not the type of trader to take profits at target, since targets are just a perception of common circumstance, not a firmly indicative rule that holds any sort of constance. (In my opinion only)

Waiting to see if we break the line. If we do, staying in, until I see something compelling, I won't be taking profits, either.

Best of luck with all trades.

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