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After Millennials: Emotional retardation nation

A recent study at the University of California, Los Angeles has suggested that modern technology, including smartphones, impair the ability of young people to successfully read emotions.

"Many people are looking at the benefits of digital media in education, and not many are looking at the costs," said Patricia Greenfield, a professor of psychology at UCLA and senior author of the study.  Greenfield noted that  sensitivity to emotional cues and social skills overall were damaged.

Millennials have long been the face of the tech generation, but most Millennials were born in, and remember, a world that was considerably less connected where not having a "cellular telephone" wasn't a rarity and when clunky home computers with tangled masses of wires were luxuries for the tech-savvy.  With the advent of Gen Y's successors, "Generation Z", however, these memories begin to fade and concerns like the ones outlined in the UCLA study become all the more real.