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Retirely in The things you own end up owning you, Bets on Cuba Travel

Cuba is now one of the most interesting travel destinations. If I lived in Florida, I'd get on my Kayak and head to Cuba asap. Instead, I'll go to and book a flight for this summer to check out what's happening down there. Without traveling to the destination it's difficult to fully understand how much fun Cuba may be (or terrifying it may be outside the resort life). Someone back me up here? Look for all the party mode teens and adults to make Cuba the main destination for raves and concerts. Artists like Tiesto, Afrojack and Calvin Harris are probably planning on taking their private jet to Cuba next week and bring the crowd with them of course. 

All good news for Cuba and the travel industry! As prepares for this rush, the other travel sites will be adapting as well :) Game on! Let's hope Expedia wakes up with the best travel deal. Stay Tuned!