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Surpise, Health Nuts. MSG Is Organic.

I'm not even going to try to hide my disdain. If you think the product first synthesized by the Japanese company Ajinomoto (AJINY), Monosodium Glutamate, or what is commonly abbreviated as "MSG", is something unnatural and somehow harmful to you, you are either naive, a fool, or possibly a combination of those things. Let's get to the heart of the matter here; You cannot just remove MSG from your diet because:

If your food contains both protein and sodium, then by defaut, MSG occurs in it naturally. 

Naturally. You do not have to synthesize or concentrate it, you do not have to add it. It's already there, stupid. But since we're on the subject of synthesized vs. natural; that's stupid too. Crystallized MSG is made by fermenting starch with a specialized strain of bacteria. It's as natural as anything that exists. And if you think that by substituting the process by isolating glutamic acid by any other process has any less chemicals, or is any more natural, then I think it might be important to bring to your attention the hundreds of chemicals that something like a mushroom, a frequently used other source, naturally contains. 

I am so sick of seeing these non-truthful articles littering the internet that claim the author improved their lives by eliminating 90% of the food on even Whole Foods Market (WFM) shelves that contained "hidden MSG". Things like yeast extract, mushroom extract, those are the well-known versions of chemically purified glutamic acid derivatives out there, but they accuse everything under the sun of containing hidden MSG, down to garlic powder, onion powder, annato (an orange food coloring made from carrots), natural flavoring (which cannot be MSG per the FDA), just literally anything that comes in a container as having MSG in it. 

Bull. Raw vegetables have it. Mother's milk has it (Not from additional MSG in the diet, milk is naturally rich in glutamates). Literally everything we eat as humans has it. Your brain loves the stuff and uses glutamate produced by your own body in every thought process. It is not a "neuro-toxin", it is not an "exito-toxin", it is not a toxin, period. Moreover, it's not something your body stores when you add more to the diet. And blaming it for obesity? What about the near entirety of Asia, they've been adding it to food for a century, why aren't they ballooning in weight?

MSG is as naturally occurring, and as organic as water is. You are being had by proponents of the "natural" foods industry. Get up off the couch and take a walk for a change if you can't manage your weight. Stop telling the rest of the world that they need to eat food that tastes like crap to be healthy.