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Cramer: Don't get too carried away—this market has no conviction

On Monday, Jim Cramer watched as the stocks that were loved the most on Friday were suddenly loathed.

It all came down to new data that changed the opinions of the most influential investors on Wall Street.

"The fact that they rarely beat the S&P [500 Index] isn't important. What matters is that they never stop trying, and that explains what you saw on your screen today," the "Mad Money" host said.

U.S. employment data and Chinese trade figures were the proximate cause of Monday's mixed trading. When the Labor Department released non-farm payroll data on Friday, initially Cramer thinks the big buyers couldn't figure out what the data meant for the global economy. As a result, the market didn't sell off.

However, over the weekend China released trade numbers that were largely disappointing. Exports fell, and imports were down for the 18th month in a row.

"These numbers shocked people with a strengthening Europe, the destination for 25 percent of China's exports, there had been hopes that the...