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Wednesday August 23 Morning Action Notes

  • Trump’s determination to build that wall even if it means shutting the government is hurting XIV and giving VXX a spike. Buy XIV.
  • Alibaba (BABA) a clear stock to accumulate. This group posted that months ago. Hold.
  • SNAP a long-time bearish idea. But trade the bounce with PT $15+
  • Watch AAOI.


  • Watch CREE fall below $20. If it does not, buy the bounce but don’t get stuck bag holding this stock.
  • Hold AAPL, ATVI.
  • Buy the dip on MOMO.
  • In the biotech sector, SGYP, EXEL, ACAD are all due for a bounce.
  • TEVA has yet to bottom. Hold.
  • VRX is fundamentally getting better as debt falls.