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GCC an Attractive Region to Live In: Western Union Survey Reveals

DUBAI, UAE, September 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Safe place to live and work, possibility of making good friends and having a comfortable lifestyle are the main attractions

The Western Union Company (WU), a world leading money transfer company, today revealed several interesting insights about the lives of residents in the GCC while highlighting the attractiveness of living in the region.

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60% of respondents pointed to a deep sense of safety and security as being the top reason that makes living in the GCC feel like home for them, while 52% cited the presence of an extensive network of friends and 49% the comfortable lifestyle they enjoy as reasons that encourage them want to stay on in the region. 65% of the survey respondents commented that they had achieved their primary goal of saving money in the GCC further underscoring the appeal of the region in terms of facilitating the accomplishment of their top personal goal.

The survey, a part of the "My Yellow Brick Road" campaign brought to life the personal stories of individuals from different countries who participated in the survey, while asking respondents to share their thoughts and experiences on life in the region. Of the 500 respondents who took part in the survey a majority were living in Saudi Arabia (30%) followed by UAE 29 %, Kuwait 15%, Qatar 10%, Oman 9% and Bahrain 6%. The average age of the respondents was 30 years. 60% of them have stayed in the region for around 5 years, 24% have stayed for 10 years and 16 % stayed for over 15 years.

The work they do plays a significant role in the life of residents in the GCC, with as many as 70% respondents saying their job was "very important" in terms of contributing to their host countries, and 63% of respondents said they enjoyed their...