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"Push Trump Off A Cliff" - Rosie O'Donnell "Sparks Outrage" With Trump Killing Game

Who taught Rosie O’Donnell how to code?

The actress is drawing criticism from conservatives after tweeting a link to an online game called “Push Trump Off A Cliff.” The game, which is so low-quality it really does look like O’Donnell programmed it herself, allows players to press a button and watch an animated President Trump…jump off a cliff.

Players can choose between four backgrounds: Trump can jump into a river, a fiery lake, a dense rainforest, or – bizarrely – an NYC pothole.

Push Trump Off A Cliff Again

— ROSIE (@Rosie)

"Sadly, violence has become an acceptable form of dissent for liberals these days," said a post on Young Conservatives.

Fox News host Sean Hannity’s staff published a blog post excoriating the New York City-born comedienne for publishing “heinous anti-Trump content,” and pointed out that this isn’t the first time O’Donnell has published something wildly inappropriate regarding a member of the Trump family.

In November of 2016, Rosie shared an online video that suggested that Barron Trump, the president's youngest son, has autism. After coming under fire for the video, O'Donnell apologized to both Barron and his mother, Melania Trump.

Apparently, one round of criticism wasn't enough for Rosie. We wonder if the president will weigh in?

so good - lets post it again

— ROSIE (@Rosie)