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Starbucks Is A Teenage Dream, Survey Says

In a survey of thousands of American teens, Starbucks was the most preferred restaurant chain.

Starbucks may have started decades ago as a premium cafe for Seattle yuppies, but the coffee chain — which now has more than 12,000 U.S. outlets — has become a favorite stop for America's teenage consumers too.

In its latest survey, "Taking Stock With Teens," investment bank Piper Jaffray found more teens chose Starbucks as their favorite restaurant than McDonald's, even though the Golden Arches remains the country's largest chain by sales.

The chain's popularity with young consumers is poised to stay strong: A report by Goldman Sachs also said Starbucks was well-positioned to benefit from this new wave of millennial parents who "would not feel guilty/embarrassed to feed to their kids" there.

Piper Jaffray surveyed 9,400 teens with an average age of 16 for the report.

Starbucks was most popular among high-income teens, who come from a family with an average household income of $107,000.

Piper Jaffray

Burrito chain Chipotle, despite having just 1,900 stores, was the upper-income group of teens' second favorite restaurant. Chick-fil-A, an Atlanta-based chicken sandwich chain which only recently started expanding its presence in the Northeast, came in third.

Burger giant McDonald's ranked fourth, followed by Panera.

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