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General Motors: On A Real Roll To Start 2015

General Motors (GM) is one of the few industrials or manufacturers within my income portfolio due to its high yield, cheap valuation and improving growth prospects.

Investors had to be patient with this American manufacturing icon during 2014, even though the year started out with promise. The company spent most of the year embroiled in a recall debacle mostly as the result of its own doing within an increasingly litigious society.

2015 has started out on a much brighter note. The company just closed the first major phase of a compensation process to pay off those actual victims of its defective ignition parts over the past decade and is working hard to remove this distracting issue from overhanging on its stock and taking up continued management focus.

More importantly, the company is delivering standout results so far in the New Year. A couple of days ago General Motors reported $1.19… Read More …