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EasyAcc 5000 mAh iChoc Powerbank Features and Review

While there are many 5000 mAh capacity powerbanks on the market, this EasyAcc one is a nifty little thing that is especially suited for on-the-go use. Find out why in the review below.

The picture above makes it apparent why this external battery is especially suited for on-the-go use—the micro USB cable integrated into its side. The great majority of powerbanks on the market requires the user to bring along cables. The iChoc 5000, however, does not, which means that you can grab it and go without worrying about whether you’ve brought along any. The integrated cable also makes it easy to stack the iChoc 5000 underneath your phone, which means that you can use your phone effortlessly even while charging it, no matter whether you want to make a phone call, watch a video, or play a game.

The integrated micro USB cable outputs only DC 5V 1A, though, which isn’t enough current to charge a tablet at full speed. However, the iChoc 5000 also comes with a USB port with a maximum output of DC 5V 2A, which solves that problem neatly. If you need to give your tablet a quick boost of power, just use a USB cable (though yes, you will have to bring this with you!) to connect it to the iChoc 5000, and you’ll be able to charge it at full speed.

In addition, the iChoc 5000 has a total output of DC 5V 2.5A. You won’t be able to charge a tablet and a smartphone at full speed simultaneously with that sort of maximum output, but the iChoc 5000 can charge two smartphones simultaneously at full speed, which means that you can share it with a friend or travel partner for a quick power boost, too, if necessary.

Another nice thing about this powerbank is its input of DC 5V 2A, which is not very commonly found in powerbanks from this capacity range. With a 5V 2A charger, the iChoc 5000 can be charged in 3.5 hours, which is 2.5 hours fewer than the amount of time required when using a 5V 1A charger, 6 hours. This means that you can fully charge this powerbank during a longer layover, car ride, or train ride and aren’t limited to charging it overnight.

The iChoc 5000 also comes with a built-in LED flashlight, making it a great companion in the dark, and the integrated micro USB cable reduces the likelihood of tangled cables in your bag as well, since you won’t be needing them unless you plan to use the iChoc 5000 to charge a tablet or are traveling with others.

No product is without disadvantages, though. The iChoc 5000 does not come with any charging cables, which is not the norm for external batteries (though granted, the integrated cable makes up for it). It also does not come with an adapter, but that’s par for the course when it comes to powerbanks, and any smartphone or tablet charger can be used to charge the iChoc 5000.

As can be seen from the review above, the iChoc 5000 is a great powerbank for on-the-go use due to the integrated cable on its side. It’s not meant for large groups or strenuous, power-hogging use, but it will give just about any smartphone at least one full charge, making it a great way to keep your phone running through a long day. Find this powerbank at and take a look at other EasyAcc products at