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A New 'Alien' Movie Is On Its Way from District 9 Creator Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp, the creator of District 9, has published a post on Instagram claiming that a sequel to the blockbuster sci-fi series Alien is “officially [his] next film.” He noted in January that he was secretly working on the follow-up but there were rumors that the project had been scrapped. There has been no word on the movie’s plot or possible release date but the sneak peek provided showed concept art of protagonist Ellen Ripley in an alien-like suit, Weyland-Yutani’s headquarters, and a return of Alien‘s Corporal Hicks. Fox has yet to confirm the news, but the real question is whether Blomkamp will be able to restore the franchise to its former glory. Stay tuned for more information as it drops.

Author:Christopher Klimovski