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Hungarian Journalist Trips Running Refugee, Gets Fired

A Hungarian journalist was fired this week, after she was filmed tripping a refugee running from the Hungarian-Serbian border holding a child.

The action caused the man to fall to the ground, landing on top of the child.

The journalist in question, Petra Laszlo, works for the Hungarian television station N1TV as a camera operator, according to USA Today, and was fired after the footage of her tripping the man surfaced on Tuesday.

The outlet responsible for filming Laszlo is the German television station RTL. Soon after, a Facebook page was created as a forum for people to criticize Laszlo and, further, did not respond to various media outlets’ request for comment.

The role of the journalist in all news situations is to report the facts. Nowhere, in any reporter’s code of ethics, should be the intention to do harm to anyone, nor to in any way become a part of the news.

In a very general sense, Laszlo’s tripping of the Hungarian man is a deplorable human act. How could anyone trip another person that was holding a small child? It’s difficult to look at this in any other light than a blatant intention to do this man physical harm.

Further, thinking in terms of journalistic standards, by tripping the man, Laszlo injected herself into the story, which is a huge conflict of interest. From day one, journalists are expected to report, but stay out of it. The story is not about you, it’s about what impacts others.

However, without her statement about the incident, her intentions are unclear. Whether it be to cause someone physical harm or to inject herself controversially into a story, there’s no way to spin it that makes her actions accidential.

No matter her specific intentions, the incident was definitely intentional.

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