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Apple Tops Expectations for iOS 9 Upgrade

Attention iPhone (NASDAQ: AAPL) users! Expect big software updates to your iOS devices coming this fall with the adoption of iOS 9.

Most notably, according to CNN Money, are the changes to the way Siri interacts with the user is able to search for things both through the Internet and on the deivce itself. For example, Siri will now be able to answer somewhat vague questions and know what the user is asking for, based on the knowledge “she” has already acquired from his or her usage of the device.

Further, the engineers at Apple have changed up the way Apple Maps works, making the user experience more effective and adding location tabs in order to more easily search for things like restaurants and hotels in the area. Finally, the Apple navigation will be able to compete with the Google Maps application.

According to CNN Money, Apple has also improved the Notes application, making it easier to make bulleted lists that users can check off, which seems inherent to the success of the application to begin with. Users will also be able to organize lists into folders.

The brand new feature, the News application, will work as a newsfeed-esqe application, allowing users to scroll through different news sections and tailor the selection to their individual tastes.

As an iPhone users, I think all of these updates will prove themselves beneficial to my overall iOS user experience. In the past, I have been frustrated with the quality of the Apple Maps application, resorting to the Google Maps application for more accurate directions. However, with improved locations services, users will be able to save device memory by not having to double up on applications that already exist by default on the phone. 

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