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The East Coast snow storm will close markets
27 january 2015

Will the East Coast snow storm close markets?

Wall Street won’t get a snow day

A monster blizzard is bearing down on the New York City area, but a snow day for the traders is unlikely. The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq will be open for business as usual.

So for all you traders out there who are gonna play hooky tomorrow, that’s on you.

The storm is expected to be one of the worst storms in New York City’s history, with meteorologists forecasting more than two feet of snow and blustery gusts of 65 mph.

Local officials have urged residents not to leave home unless necessary. But New Yorkers hardly take much credence in weather warnings, which is why New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio cautioned New Yorkers: “Don’t underestimate this storm.”

Still, the Nasdaq NDAQ, +0.02% said that it plans on remaining in operation Monday and on Tuesday when snows are expected to peak.

“Nasdaq plans to keep its US markets open and operational for normal hours today and tomorrow,” a spokesman told MarketWatch. “As demonstrated during Hurricane Sandy, we have comprehensive contingency plans in place to maintain the operational integrity of the markets. We will monitor the storm’s progress and provide regular updates to our status as needed,” he added.

The New York Stock Exchange also plans to remain open.

In the bond world, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, a trade group for fixed-income securities like Treasurys and bonds, did not recommend that bond markets close for the storm.

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The East Coast snow storm will close markets

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