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More Improvement – Next Up Fed Reaction

Things continue to improve.

Yesterday – Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 reach highs not seen since late August sell-off.

Volume was better than the previous session, yet still only about average.

Also, over at BuyingBreakOuts.com I actually got to add four stocks to the watch list this morning.

Can’t remember the last time I added four stocks in one day.

So, that shows something.

Market is trading higher ahead of the Fed and there are more stocks setting up in bases, looking poised to breakout.

I like that.

Now with that stated…

Today, as we all know, is the “big” day. I am all aquiver.

Today, we get to see which half of Wall Street was right.

Will the Fed raise rates or stand pat?

I’m just glad it will be over and we can see how the market reacts and move on.

As far as the Fed and a possible rate hike.

We could see a “bullish” outcome, as…

1. Fed does nothing, and stocks rally because the easy money continues.

2. Fed raises rates by a quarter point (which is really just symbolic in nature), and stocks rally because that is already “priced in.”

Although, anything is possible with a reaction to Yellen’s remarks at her news conference.

Regardless, I will continue to do my job – run screens, watch for breakouts, and also watch our six holdings (below) for sell signals.

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