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Media Watch: US/Iran Nuclear Negotiations

No tension here, huh?

On the internet is the report that the United States is prepared to walk away from the negotiation table early if there is no sign of a deal in the works. And the internet is lit up with livid comments--most of them screaming that we're even negotiating with them in the first place. So I thought I'd take a cut out of some, and put them here for your reading pleasure! I took the comments below from the embedded Yahoo article here which is a pull from the Reuters feed

First this funny little tidbit:

Porky Pig 40 minutes ago 1 8

The White House is Desperate for this even if it's a bad agreement.

You got to pass the bill before.. oh well, you've that line of trash before.

What Time is the revolt??

Then we get this cute aside:

d 39 minutes ago 1 15

How much time and money has been wasted talking with these barbarians? Just let Isreal bomb them constantly and tell them 'we told you so, should have played nice at the table'

WhIch earned this reply:

Jeff W 23 minutes ago 1 1

Only problem with that is if Israel bombs Iran, Obama will cut off all Israeli aid and may even use executive order to put sanctions on Israel. Obama hates Israel with a passion and is very pro-Arab. Obama probably would love to see Israel destroyed.

And this hilarious zinger:

CornWhiskey 30 minutes ago 1 6

This article is BS because the White house press secretary JUST said that they are extending the deadline because they are, "making progress towards the finish line". This is idiotic. We need to kill Iran's Ayatollah, and the radical Shia leaders. Then we can work on normalizing Iran.

....and then:

Jeff W 26 minutes ago 0 4

Another Obama lie, he will give Iran what they want in order to get a deal. Obama thinks he can do what ever he wants, he thinks he can go around congress and if the UN likes the deal then too bad congress. I hope congress slaps Obama down hard and really put more pressure and sanctions on Iran.

So there's no shortage of eloquently nasty voices that really would love to obliterate Iran if they could just have their way. There is lots of passion and lots and lots of opinion for this subject. My thinking is that this will all lead to a last minute semi-agreement to just keep on talking, and then some half-strength agreement where the Iranians get a little bit less than they wanted and the US gets a hair less tight quarters of observation than it wants.

We shall see my friends!!!