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Under Armour: The Underdog Story Continues In Golf And Basketball, Ride Along With This Growing Company

By now, you've likely heard that a young 21 year old kid named Jordan Spieth won the Masters, the premier golf tournament in the U.S. It's also likely that you've heard or saw on television that Spieth was outfitted from head to toe in Under Armour (NYSE:UA) products and logos over the four day tournament. This meant a ton for a company that recently launched a golf shoe and is expanding its presence in the space. When combining the probable growth and market share wins in golf, with other growth items from Under Armour, the stock should continue its rapid rise in 2015, despite the obvious valuation risks.

Just how big was the exposure Under Armour received during the Masters? Try the figure $33.6 million on for size. That's the figure that has been tossed around for Under Armour's exposure during the four day tournament and from Spieth being seen on CBS and ESPN a large amount of times. So how does that compare to Tiger Woods, the most famous golf endorsee? Well Tiger's last Masters in 2013, created exposure of only $19.6 million for rival Nike (NYSE:NKE). The $33.6 million will also seem monstrous when you read that Under Armour spent a total of $333 million in marketing for the 2014 year. While that was an increase of 35% from the prior year, it mostly consisted of endorsement deals with athletes. Read more