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It will be Hit or Miss for Apple's Earning tomorrow?

Tomorrow Apple Inc. (AAPL) will announce its third fiscal quarter results. I'm sure a lot of people are trying to figure it out that it will be hit or miss quarter for Apple. Investors are not only worried about high-end smartphone saturation but also Apple's competitor like Samsung that steal the smartphone market and left Apple with the weaker iPhone sale.  However, Apple still leads for Tablet market. Does Apple have more room to growth in smartphone market? Well, the answer is a Yes because right now around 60% of U.S. phone user have a smartphone so that means Apple still have 40% for growth. Also, in the emerging market like China Apple still have a lot of chance to gain more users. Apple also has product like Apple TV,cheaper iPhone and iWatch that can pull its revenue up. Apple is also testing out bigger iPhone and iPad screen designs which might trap more customer who like big screen but this is for near future. If I look at the bigger picture for Apple, I think it can go up over $450 per share. For this quarter is debatable. Weak iPhone sale might hurt Apple this quarter.