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Departure of Directors or Certain

On September25, 2015, our Board of Directors approved modifications to the severance arrangements of the following executive officers who are currently employed by the Company: Paul Cleveland, our President and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Jackson, our Chief Financial Officer, Rebecque Laba, our Vice President, Corporate Operations, Elizabeth Reed, our Vice President and General Counsel, and Fredrik Wiklund, our Vice President, Corporate Development and Investor Relations.

As the Company continues with the process of seeking a merger, sale or other disposition of the Company, the Board of Directors has deemed it advisable, and in the best interests of the Companys stockholders, to incentivize the executive officers identified above to continue their employment with the Com pany for an additional period of time. Accordingly, the Board of Directors has approved the modification of the severance arrangements for such executive officers to provide certainty that, if terminated by the Company without cause or upon a resignation for good reason, each...