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Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Made Me Look at the Stock; I Was Surprised

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A hat tip to reality TV star Kendall Jenner (of Kardashian family fame, for you old people out there) for making me check in on PepsiCo's (PEP) stock.

The newest PepsiCo spokesperson had her first ad debut on Tuesday (below), and it wasn't without its fair share of controversy. In the ad, Jenner is seen participating in a photo shoot, but then she becomes distracted by a group of protesters. She decides to jump into the fray, but then comes into contact with a non-smiling police officer. Jenner offers him a full-calorie Pepsi (surprised this wasn't a can of new Pepsi Zero Sugar), which he accepts. Social media quickly blew up with complaints Pepsi was using the Black Lives Matter protests to help it sell sugary soda.

To say the ad is uncharacteristic for Pepsi is an understatement. This is a company that very, very, very carefully manages its image (especially pertaining to the often hot button topic of soda) -- from how its products are marketed, to how they are discussed on social media to the appearances by executives in media forums. It's highly unlikely, however, that backlash related to the Jenner ad does anything to dent the powerful run in Pepsi's stock this year.

Shares of the soda and snack giant have...