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Ferrari Breaking Records

Fiat Motors (Brsaltaliana: F) made history last night when a 1960s Ferrari sold for $27.5 million in a California car auction. The car made two records in the same night, the first was the most paid at auction for the Italian car maker anywhere in the world and the second was the most for any car bought at a U.S. public sale. One of the losing bidder has this to say about the beautiful car “The NART Spyder is a very special car, They’re so rare. They’re among the most beautiful of all Ferraris. Some of the biggest collectors in the world own one, and Steve McQueen tried to buy this one after he crashed his." There is only 10 cars like this in the whole world, owning one is a trophy to flash your riches. The record before this was by a 1957 Testa Rossa for $16.4 million, I guess investing in rare cars can result in a good payout one day. “The rarest classic cars are selling extremely well and the prices are just going in one direction. Ferraris have become the equivalent of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)" said Simon Kidston a car advisory founder.