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They say that education is a means to end. But not an end itself. To some. The means  is the acquisition of knowledge and the mental satisfaction therefrom in the end. To some others, education is itself the means leading to the end of the acquirement of knowledge. The training up of the mind as well as the formation of the right character is looked upon as the end in this respect. Whatever it maybe, education is a valuable process, ideal and a unique phenomenon exclusively accessible to and obtainable by man. They go unseen, unheard of and untouched by other animals.

      An ideal Educational institution is one in which there must be perfect accord and harmony between the teacher and the taught, wedded to each other with the sacred purpose of the dissemination of learning as well as the inculeation of knowledge. Teachers should in the light of learning and experience impart, enlighten, ennoble and elevate the student community without mainting them with indoctrination or social segregation to strain the relation between the educators and the pupils. It is also necessary that new windows should be open with a view to making one aware of new trends to following knowledge like a sinking star bryon the almost bound of human thought". At the same time they should do nothing to stunt the students free thinking and the spirit of enquiry and criticism.

     Here there should be freedom of opinion with full scope for self censure politics should not be a bar. though political jingoism should not be allowed to have its way or sway. Above all, there should be free discussions symposia, debates and lectures on all topics under the sun. By there should be amenities for recreations as well as re-creations at all times. The whole  atmosphere in and  around the ideal Educational institution should be such as to develop a sound mind in a sound should, inter alia, be reflective of the culture and history of the Homeland. Dissents should be leniently viewed. In short . it should be ample facilities for the nurture of the mother tongue.            

     An ideal Educational Institution of this type will bring heaven or the earth. For it will be a lamp which sets ablaze thousands of other lamps. Hence an ideal educational system.