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Facebook in Talks with Major Publishers to Host News Content

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is reportedly in talks with some news publishers serving has a news hosting site, according to The New York Times. The website currently acts as large social media traffic source for news, however, under this agreement would allow Facebook users to view the news directly on the platform instead of being redirected to another website.

Some news companies like Buzzfeed and National Geographic, according to The Times, have talked with Facebook about a potential deal, however have no made public statements. In order for both Facebook and the publisher to profit, advertisements would run alongside the content.

However, this deal does pose major risks for news publishers, particularly in the realms of subscription-based news as well as user data, according to The Times. However, it comes with many benefits, as well.

According to The Times, this type of hosted content would hope to create a more seamless user experience. Further, videos hosted by Facebook start automatically, rather than a YouTube video which must be started by the user.

NY Times commenter LeAnne said:

“It seems like it's hard enough for the NYT - or any publication - to manage the inevitable fallout from poor editorial choices made in-house; why compound the headache by lashing your reputation to Mark Zuckerberg et al? Does the paper of record really want to be embedded with a man who makes the workers building his house sign nondisclosure agreements?”

NY Times commenter Mikey said:

“Brilliant. The same execs who rushed to move all the NYT content to hard-to-monetize digital platforms are now going to move it to a platform with EVEN LESS opportunity to monetize. Meanwhile the layoffs will continue to pile up and everyone will keep scratching their heads over why it's so hard for journalists to make a living in the digital age.”