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Joe Biden Releases (Both) Emails He Wrote As VP

Satirical Saturday via Andy Borowitz via The New Yorker,

In what could be a prelude to a Presidential run in 2016, on Friday Joe Biden released to the public both e-mails that he has written while serving as Vice-President for the past six years.


Biden took pride in announcing that he had sent both messages from his official government e-mail address, adding, “I have nothing to hide.”


Minutes after the e-mails were released, the media pored over the treasure trove of materials, which offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into Biden’s tenure as Vice-President.


The first e-mail, written to President Obama in December of 2009, asks about the time and place of the White House holiday party.


The second and last e-mail, written in May of last year, asks the President, “Is our Internet slow today? I’m trying to watch something,” followed by a frowny-face emoticon.


According to Biden’s records, the President did not respond to either e-mail.

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