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Digital Ally Announces Plans to Enter the Non-Lethal Weapons Market

Digital Ally seeks patent protection for wirelessly conducted electronic weapon

LENEXA, KS -- (Marketwired) -- 12/06/16 -- Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ:DGLY) (the "Company"), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial applications, today announced that it plans to enter the non-lethal weapon market. To protect its innovation in this market, the Company filed a U.S. Patent Application for its first electroshock weapon in May 2015. The application was recently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which automatically publishes applications 18 months from filing. The application awaits examination by the USPTO.

"We are excited to bring innovation to the non-lethal weapons market," said Stan Ross
, CEO of Digital Ally, Inc. "Recognizing the current limitations with electroshock weapon technology available to law enforcement, we saw potential to grow our product mix through the $8.5 billion global non-lethal weapons market considering our network of over 8,000 agencies currently deploying our technology," continued Ross.

In the non-lethal weapon market, there are three types of electroshock weapons. First, there are direct contact electroshock weapons such as stun guns and cattle prods, where they can only administer the shock while in contact with the subject and the user must be in arm's reach of the subject. Second, there are conducted electrical weapons (CEW), which fire projectiles that administer the shock via thin wires. The shock from CEW is limited to the length of the wire and limited to one charge. Finally, there are long-range electroshock weapons. Currently, the only wireless long-range electroshock weapon fires long-range direct contact electroshock projectiles from a standard shotgun at the subject. The disadvantages of this type of electronic weapon include increased risk of death or...