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Countrywide: Profiting From UK Housing

Business Description

Countrywide ("Countrywide (OTC:CTYWY)") is a UK-listed property services group operating the largest estate agency and lettings network in the UK.

The Group operates across seven reporting units:

  • Estate Agency (33% of total revenue and 19% of total EBITDA)
  • London & Premier (20% of total revenue and 27% of total EBITDA)
  • Lettings (19% of total revenue and 32% of total EBITDA)
  • Financial Services (11% of total revenue and 14% of total EBITDA)
  • Surveying Services (9% of total revenue and 14% of total EBITDA)
  • Conveyancing Services (4% of total revenue and 9% of total EBITDA)
  • Commercial Property (3% of total revenue and 2% of total EBITDA).

The performance of Estate Agency and London & Premier (estate agents operating within the high-end or London markets) is determined by the total volume and value of housing transactions. Countrywide earns a percentage commission based on the value of the transaction. Countrywide operates across… Read More …