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United Bankshares: Dividend Gem With Stable Earnings Growth

Prudent underwriting practice is the prime differentiator of United Bankshares (UBSI) from most of its peers. It is the secret recipe behind the almost stable earnings report of United Bankshares during the great recession. With this proven track record of better underwriting practice and its intent to grow both organically and through acquisitions has helped United Bankshares grow with more stability than many of the banks I have analyzed.

United Bankshares reported earnings recently, every earnings report of UBSI is a treat to read for long-term investors, not that they are growing at double-digit growth rate every year, but it is UBSI's stability in earnings growth. However, the year 2014 is an excellent year for UBSI because of stellar earnings growth in every quarter of 2014. The stellar earnings growth story of UBSI in 2014 is due to its largest merger in the company's history with Virginia Commerce Bancorp.